Romaing Chevalier

About me


Position: Head Coach

Age: 29

Hometown: Lyon, France

Training Expertise:
• Programming for Running/Endurance competitions
• Strength Training
• Sports Conditioning
• Mobility/Posture training
• Functional Training
• Rehabilitation/Office Syndrome

• American Council of Exercises, FIT Thailand
• CPR Certified
• Speed Performance (SKLZ)
• Brain-Body-Balance – neuro-fascial solution for lower back.
• Asia Fitness Conference 2018
• Pilates Instructor (Training in progress, Polestar Pilates)

Romaing has 11 years of experience in the fitness industry. A former player in the pre-elite France Rugby League for 8 years, Romaing now transitioned into an endurance athlete for the past 3 years. He has been participating in trail runs and triathlons, always performing in the top 15 in Thailand. Romaing quit his solid engineering career to fully focus on his passion; endurance races and training clients.

“Nothing gives me more joy seeing my clients’ results, and having them say ‘I feel better, I sleep better, I feel stronger, my back pain is gone, and much more.’ I want to impact and positively change as much people as I can. Because I believe the mind and body are deeply connected, it is much more than just changing the way you look. That is why it’s so meaningful for me. “

Favorite food: “Cheese and red wine.”

What inspires you?: “The happiness of the ones surrounding me.”

Fun fact: “I run 10k on rest days, and has a master degree in engineer packaging.”

Favorite quote: “There are no limits in what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking.” – Brain Tracy