Christopher John Pantony

About me


Position: Head Coach

Age: 27

Hometown: Plymouth City, England

Training expertise:
• Strength training
• Bodybuilding
• Powerlifting
• Nutrition

Professional Certifications:
• NASM CPT (2013-2015)
• Fit Innovation Certificate
• TPF Powerlifting Coaching Certificate
• CPR Training

Chris started training at the young age of 16. What started out as weight gain quickly progressed into body building. After many years of testing various training cycles such as endurance, long distance hiking, rugby, strength training and much more, his progress through his ups and downs gave him a better understanding about the importance of strength. He turned his passion into a career as a strength coach and powerlifting athlete. His goal at Tone Box is to help others become stronger, achieve their goals that they once thought were impossible.

Favorite food: “Cheese Pizza with jalapeños.”

What inspires you?: “Ordinary people that through hard work, achieves the impossible.”

Fun fact : He also acquires a level 3 carpentry and building qualification.

Favorite quote: “Train with purpose.”